Fleet Washing & Truck Wash

At Sparkle Wash of Denver, we specialize in mobile fleet washing and truck cleaning. We come to Denver-area businesses, large and small, and regularly wash fleets. Our team of pressure washing pros will help you maintain your company image.

  • Improved public image: Your company’s name stands out on your clean fleet of vehicles.
  • Enhanced safety: Clean trucks are easy to inspect and maintain and are easier to spot on the road.
  • Improved driver morale: Drivers are proud to be seen in clean vehicles.
  • Improved fleet life: Vehicles last longer when dirt, grime, pollutants and ice-melting chemicals are safely removed by a regularly scheduled Sparkle Wash of Denver fleet washing program.
  • Reduced costs: We provide everything, including supervision, safety equipment, training, manpower, benefits, insurance, cleaning products, equipment, parts, fuel and environmental controls.

Fleet Washing & Environmental Awareness

Sparkle Wash of Denver is committed to a policy of environmental awareness and responsibility and provides evaluation and consultation to help solve existing problems and avoid future complications related to environmental issues. Our internal protocols and our marketing objectives include elements designed to minimize negative environmental impact and maximize efficient use of all natural resources.

Sparkle Wash of Denver has indeed set itself apart from our competitors by our guarantee of excellence, our commitment to ecologically friendly solutions and our focus on integrity, craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

Fleet Washing & Wastewater Recycling

Sparkle Wash of Denver uses AbTech Industries Smart Sponge proven oil spill containment system for use in oil-spill clean up, or whenever our clients need to or want to capture the pressure-washing residue to provide a green proactive approach for possible oil discharges or other contaminants runoff. The Smart Sponge is compliant with Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC). AbTech’s Smart Sponge recovers and fully encapsulates the recovered oil, resulting in a substantially more effective response that prevents absorbed oil from leaching. Once the oil is absorbed, the Smart Sponge transforms the pollutants into a stable solid for easy recycling, providing a closed-loop solution to water pollution.

Smart Sponge products have been classified as a solid waste and have been accepted at Subtitle D Landfills.

  • Removes or Reduces Sheen
  • Does not absorb water
  • Transforms pollutant into a stable solid waste
  • Oils will not leak or leach

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